17 Apr 2012

Hair: Kruidvat Easy Color Mousse

Kruidvat now has its own mousse hairdye. So, I had to try it!

I took the Dark Red Brown one, which is very similar to my usual John Frieda colour. The system is the same as with the other mousse colours and the application as well. The scent was quite strong but the result was in fact surprisingly good!
I've used the normal Kruidvat hairdye and wasn't very impressed, this one is much better. The colour is as it is on the box, the result is even and when you wash it afterwards, you're not standing in a pool of red water. :-)
It also comes with one of those bigger sizes of conditioner you can use a couple of times. 

I can really recommend this!
I bought it at -30% which was about 4,50 EUR