5 Apr 2012

Stylish Men

On our girls' night out, my friend and me were discussing the men we think most stylish. Surprisingly, we agreed on most of them (just the order of most stylish differed) ;-)
Here's a look at my pick of the crop....Enjoy! ;-)

Bent Van Looy (Das Pop) - quirky and fun

Ewan McGregor - in touch with his feminine side and yet always a real man

Daan Stuyven - rough, sexy, makes you roar...oh yes

Neil Codling (suede, probably making someone very happy with this ;-) ) - Mr Enigmatic himself

 David Bowie - on of his many faces. luverly.

Ruben Block (Triggerfinger) - edgy, stylish, all man

Alain Delon - still one of the most beautiful men (when he was younger) that faced the earth. my god. Just LOOK at that face. *sigh*

Benedict Cumberbatch - put the swung into Sherlock. Almost like watching porn.

Gary Oldman - Fell in love with him when I was 18. Has that va va voom. Still has.

But the winner is (no surprise there)
Brett Anderson (Suede)
No further comment needed. :-)