9 Apr 2012

Beauty: Essentials

There are some products I can't go without. Real essentials. Although the other products I use may vary, these are always at hand...

from left to right:

Culture Bio Evening Lotion (Yves Rocher) : A lotion that cleans your skin and prepares it for your night cream of choice. The scent is divine and calming. 
Anti-Fatigue Lotion (Yves Rocher) : My ultimate wake up call. My skin feels fresh and rejuvenated. 
Mineral deodorant (Garnier): best deodorant in the world for me. Comes in various scents, and they are all good.
Shower oil with Moroccan argan oil (Yves Rocher): Heavenly pampering shower oil. Leaves skin hydrated.
Base coat (Essie): brilliant base coat for nailpolish. 
Eye Shadow primer (Catrice): I always use a primer under my eyeshadow and this is one of the cheapest ànd one of the best primers you can find. Also ideal to use under the eye if you'd have dark circles. 

Frizz Miracle Shampoo (Aussie) : best - shampoo - in - the - world. 
Salon Finish, Instant va va voom (Charles Worthington) : does what it says it does. Makes hair look lush and lovely.
Dead Sea Salt grains for body scrub (Premier) : Twice a week and you're as smooth as a baby's bottom.
Translucent powder (Kryolan): a definite must on top of any foundation you want to use.
24/7 glide on eyeliner (Urban Decay) : best eyeliner pencil