16 Nov 2011

Beauty: Bloom Mascara

Finding the right mascara can be a difficult task: do you want full and outrageous? Do you want finer and flirty? Do you want natural? etc.
I prefer waterproof mascaras that are also good for people with allergies or sensitive eyes. my eyes are very sensitive due to a problem with my tear glands, sometime I experienced badly when having corrective laser surgery 2 years ago.

One of my preferred mascaras is Bloom's Full & Flirty Waterproof Mascara.

In certain reviews this one scores better than Dior, etc. And it's no wonder because the result is just amazing. You have long lashes...but not too long, you have curly lashes, but not too curly, you have thicker lashes, but not too thick, etc. The balance is just right. The brush is very handy and with two layers you create a sophisticated look that lasts all day (and night).
I haven't been able to find it here in Belgium, so on my yearly shopping trip across the pond, I always drop in at Superdrug to get a fresh stash.

More info here.