22 Nov 2011

Beauty: hand cream

I have the tendency to have very dry hands, especially in winter but also in summer. So, I always, without fault, apply hand cream before I go to bed and in the morning when I arrive at work.
From left to right:

- foot cream (Yves Rocher) : a rich cream that makes your feet less dry (info). Love using this one. It smells so lovely and pampers your feet. I apply it every night when I go to bed.

- hand cream (Premiere Dead Sea) : lush hand cream, very nourishing. I use this one every morning when I arrive at work. (info)

- hand cream (Yves Rocher): does wonders for both hand and nails. (info)

- anti-wrinkle Rich Crème hand cream (Yves Rocher): this is a wonder of a hand cream. One of the best I've ever used. Very highly recommended. (info)

- Petroleum Jelly (Cien-Lidl): a big jar of thick jelly for rough or dry skin. 

- Fleur de Noël hand cream (Yves Rocher): hydrating hand cream with a lovely winter scent. (info)