25 Nov 2011

Outfit : Winter Coat

Every two/three years I have the same problem: to find a good, decent yet fashionable winter coat. I need a really warm one cause I drive to work on my scooter, but I detest those 'duvet' type of coats. They honestly creep me out!
Last winter I found more or less the perfect coat at Mango...but it was quite expensive so I waited till the sales in January and bought it -40%, saved it till now so I have a spanking new one this winter. :-)

coat: Mango - scarf: Bellewaerde park (again, no joke!) - leggings: L&L - boots : La Redoute

Actually got a compliment on the boots at the Fnac shop today. ;-)

I've noticed that Mango has more or less the same coat this season, some details on the pockets and belt are slightly different and there a tiny difference in colour. Still at 159,99 EUR. (I bought it at 90 EUR)
The coat is great quality and when it's raining a bit - haven't been driving when it was pouring down yet - the water just stayed on the surface of the coat. Well pleased!