20 Nov 2011

Beauty: skin care

I'm trying some new products at the moment: a daytime elixir and a nighttime skin cream.

Elixir 7.9 by Yves Rocher:
I use this under my usual skin daycare. It's lovely to use, silky smooth, with an easy applicator. You only need a few drops a day and it leaves your skin protected and moisturised. You can equally use it day & night.
more info here. Cure Solutions by Yves Rocher is a very good line of products that really pamper your skin.

Optimum Super Antioxidant Grape Night Cream by Superdrug:
I read a review of this product praising its amazing qualities so I bought it during my last trip to London. It's one of the most pleasant creams I've ever used: light, fluffy, and you feel the instant relief to your skin. Certainly a huge difference from that horrid Roc Rides Correxion I've been using before. 
I think it works well, my skin feels soft and pleasant but I do have the idea that it feels slightly dryer than usual when I wake up in the morning.  I'll probably buy and try the other products when I go back to the UK in December.

more info here.