12 Nov 2011

Cooking: Amarena Cherry Cake

Yesterday, it was my boyfriend's birthday and we had some guests coming over for a cheese fondue. I also made a cake for dessert (along with some other things).
The cake was flatter than expected but was very tasty.
recipe: (for 6 pieces)

- 75 gr of butter
- 2 eggs
- salt
- 75 gr of sugar
- 1 sachet of vanilla sugar
- 75 flour
- 1/2 sachet of baking powder
- 100 gr Amarena cherries
- rum aroma

pre-heat the oven at 180°. Butter a cake mould and sprinkle some flour over it. Melt the butter and separate the egg yokes.

Whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt until it's stiff (no pun! ;-) ). Mix the egg yokes, sugar and vanilla sugar until you have a foamy mass.
Mix the flour and the baking powder and then sift this with the egg yoke mix.

add the melted butter and a few drops of rum aroma & mix well. sprinkle some flour on the cherries and mix them in the batter. Then fold the stiff egg white in the mix.
Pour the batter in the mould and bake for 40 minutes.