16 Feb 2013

Beauty: Tested

I've tried and tested these products recently:

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L'Oréal Color Riche Le Smoky:
Was part of the Deauty box a couple of months ago. This crayon is mainly to create smoky eyes. Since I use a crayon for my lower eyelid, this one didn't work out too well for me. I noticed immediately that it was too...soft. In fact, by the time I got to my work, most of it had faded. I've yet to to try it for what it's mainly made but overall this experience was a let down. A major one.

M.A.C. Eye crayon:
So I switched to this one since it was the only one left in my stash. I'm used to Urban Decay's crayon which is the absolute best. The M.A.C. crayon gets 4 stars where UD gets 5. It lasts quite long, but just not as long as UD. So, basically, I'll stick with UD from now on.

Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner Demolition:
I already own the Siren shade, so this is my second shade, Demolition (a very dark brown). Nothing else to say but what quality! It stays plastered on your eyes no matter what. Best Liner EVER.

Animal Testing Info:
- L'Oréal is notorious for testing
- M.A.C. is selling in China => no more free of animal testing 
- Urban Decay is on the Leaping Bunny list