28 Feb 2013

Perfume: 2 tested

Narciso Rodriguez  - For Her 

This one was part of the January Deauty Box.

Young and very modern American designer of Cuban origins Narciso Rodriguez has launched his first fragrances which has instantly become the hit in the US, and not only there. The new modern aroma is aimed at the modern and free woman, who is aware of her sexuality. Popularity of this fragrance (regardless of its unusual composition and a heavy character, and perhaps exactly because of that) is easy to explain because it reflects a desire of every woman to attract and seduce, and this fragrance has openly sexual character. Unusual lustful composition is created with the sensual musk in its centre, surrounded by orange, osmanthus and amber. The base unites vanilla, amber and vetiver. Intensive sharp scent with hidden and scarcely discernible densely-sweet nuance in the centre later turns into a soft and balmy powder. The aggression disappears and the fragrance becomes tame and gentle.
At first, in 2004 it was launched as EDT in a black bottle in pink outer box. Then in 2006 the EDP was created in a pink bottle and black outer box. The composition was changed, despite the fact that the musk note has remained in the centre of the composition. EDP has rose note in the top. The trace has become more mysterious and rich, thanks to exotic woods – patchouli and sandalwood. Both variances of the fragrance can be described as floral chypre with intensive musk nuance, only the first one is sharper and more aggressive, while the second one is sweeter and softer. The creators of these fragrances are Christine Nagel and Francis Kurkdjian. (source: fragrantica.com)
I love this scent. It changes quite a bit from when you first apply it. It lasts long, and although it's always 'there' it's never disturbing, on the contrary. When I wear it, the floral notes are quite distinct. 

Juliette Has a Gun - Not a Perfume

The new non-perfume is arriving from the house of Juliette Has a Gun in September 2010. Juliette Has a Gun Not a Perfume in not really a perfume but fragrant AMBROX in a flacon.
C16 H28 O is formula of Ambroxan, the only key ingredient in this non-perfume. Ambrox was born in the 1950es in Firmenich as substitute for grey amber which was very expensive for a common use in compositions. Ambrox is typically used as one of base notes of compositions, while it has a leading role in this non-perfume.
Juliette Has A Gun Not a Perfume is a provocative declaration which does not follow the rules of modern perfumery. Not a Perfume is based on contradictions, since its composition is created of molecules and is the only fragrance without allergens.
Not a Perfume is available in characteristic flacons of 50 and 100ml. (source: fragrantica.com)

This one is ideal for people who have allergies and can't wear perfume. You'd think it wouldn't last long or not have much of a scent. Wrong! It does last long and it does have that distinctive scent that's characteristic of all the Juliette Has a Gun perfumes. 

Animal Testing:
Narciso Rodriguez : sadly probably tests on animals, I didn't find any clear information.
Juliette Has a Gun : lots of indications that they don't test on animals.