6 Mar 2013

Nails: O.P.I. Tomorrow Never Dies

I bought this one from the James Bond Collection by O.P.I. when it was on sale on asos.com some time ago.
And man, I'm amazed!
Also, it's one of the shades that's the hardest to get right on a picture. I took a zillion photos with two different cameras and I still didn't manage to get the colour as it is.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I mostly got this blue hue but it's nowhere near this blue in reality. The picture below is more as it more realistic but it's still not quite the right colour. Sorry. :-)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

You need two layers and then you get a fabulous result. The brush is flat, it's not that easy to get it evenly on your nails, but once you did, ... wow.
This is now my favourite purple-ish colour in my collection. So vibrant and glossy.

I finished it off with my usual topcoat Seche Vite.

Animal testing info:
O.P.I. tend not to test on animals themselves, but continue to buy, use and benefit financially from chemical ingredients that have recently been tested on animals by their suppliers