23 Aug 2013

Beauty: Clinique High Impact Mascara

My old n°7 Mascara (very pleased with that, see past review for that one) was all gone, so time to pull another one out of my stash...This past Deauty Box item is a travel sized Clinique High Impact mascara.

The fact that it's a travel size is a bit of negative point because it's a bother when applying. The brush length is just not long enough. Especially the first time, it was a shoddy affair. However, I got the hang of it now and I like the result: long, thin, sophisticated lashes!

I'm quite sensitive in the eye area and I'm really happy with this mascara. It doesn't clump, it stays good for hours and 2 layers give you ample result. 
However, seen the fact that Clinique is not one of the companies that do not test on animals, I won't buy this in the future.

Animal testing info:
Clinique states that it want to eliminate all animal testing but has failed to do so to this day.