15 Aug 2013

Nails: Dip nail polish remover

Tired of the business of removing nailpolish with cotton balls and nail polish remover? Then Dip & Clean nail polish remover is your kind of thing!

I bought two, the Bourjois (I suspect the first one that entered the nail polish market with this kind of product) and the Hema one. Nowadays, you can find something like this in almost any brand that has to do with nailpolish.
I was slightly sceptical but it does work really well. You just place the tip of your finger in the jar, move it about a bit and the nail polish is all gone! even the glittery ones came off quickly.
It's also ideal when your doing your nails and one finger went wonky...it used to mean you had to re-do all your nails cause you had nail polish remover on other nails too. Now you just open the jar and you can re-do one nail easily.
I doubt it that this is handy for toenails though. :-)