8 Jun 2013

Beauty: Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Cream

In the May Deauty box, this BB cream by Garnier Ambre Solaire was included.
It has a factor 30 sunprotection.

The sun protection is of course a huge bonus for this BB cream. I'm very wary of sun damage, being at high risk with all my birthmarks and skin cancer roaming in our family. 
I've now used this product for 3 days and although I have been walking in the sun, I can't really say it shields my face properly or not. I suspect it does, cause I've not experienced any sun burns but I've not really been sitting in the sun for a longer period. However, I'm quite convinced it does the job well.

As for the BB cream, it's not one of the best I've tried. It does blend with your skin easily, you don't need much of it, but after half a day at work, my skin starts to glimmer more than usual. More powder is needed to take that effect away. On the other hand, the result does look natural. You seem a bit tanned, but not too much. It does not mask any impurities at all, so skin flaws won't be covered or disguised.

Am I pleased with it? Yes and no. It's a no fuss cream that does the job on summery days but you don't get a nice finished result if you'd use it in the evening for a night out. Of course, you don't need factor 30 anymore then. 

Animal testing info:
Garnier does test on animals.