20 Jun 2013

Beauty: Moisturiser Summer Glow Body

When the cold times are over and the warmer times begin, there's always a period of time when my legs are a bit too white to look good in a skirt. Instead of using full on tanning products, I usually buy moisturiser that gradually gives your legs a bit of a tan. Priority: it has to look natural!
I've used a range of products over the years, this year it's YR's turn.

I bought this months and months ago, trying to be fully prepared for summer...not knowing that summer would take forever to arrive! :-)
The scent is quite pleasant. It's not amazing but it's better than some other products I've used.
It's easy to apply and it does build up over 2-3 days. At day 3 (even when taken showers every day), I did feel it started to look a bit, not much, too dark. Bear in mind that I have very fair skin.
There were no streaks, however, I was careful not to put it on my knees etc...The result looked naturally tanned. Not orange or fake tanned. just naturally tanned.

So, basically, I'm quite pleased with this product. Although my favourite is still Etos' body milk with summer glow.

Animal testing info:
YR is deleted from the Leaping Bunny list and sells in China where animal testing is mandatory.