22 Jun 2013

Beauty: Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10

I won this product some time ago and I now started using it after the serum I used ran out.
I used the bio serum by YR before and wasn't that happy with it. I didn't like the texture and it smelled like stale tea (you can read a review elsewhere on this blog).
Vichy's serum makes a very nice change!

The texture is light, there's not really a scent to the product and my skin feels smoother. It's also better to apply day cream and/or foundation on top of it (that was another problem with the YR one).

It's anti-wrinkle and also ideal for the more sensitive skin types. One of the key ingredients is rhamnose, derived from a Brazilian plant that fights the signs of ageing. It's also paraben-free.
The serum can be used in the morning and/or evening, alone or with a day or night cream.

I find it a very pleasant product to use that gives rather good results!

Animal testing info:
Sadly, Vichy tests on animals for some of their products.