30 May 2013

Travel: Cruise Northern Europe part 10

Saturday, 18 May
We arrive in Copenhagen right on time despite having left st Petersburg an hour and a half late. Weather is just too good to be true: blue skies and incredible temperatures. At times it was around 30 degrees if not more. 
We set off and first encountered the Little Mermaid, then went into the city where we visited some churches (we are both atheists, but I love the architecture of churches and cathedrals) and they were really impressive. Especially Frederiks Kirke. Then onwards to the summer palace of the monarchy, onwards to Nyhavn, the shopping street, city hall and tivoli. There was something special going on in the shopping street because for hours and hours, groups from South America were dancing in the street. In bikinis.  
Then we had lunch at the Grand Theater (quiche with mushrooms), then onwards to Christiansborg, and back to the shopping area. 
There are a lot of quaint shops in the smaller streets!
After that, we headed towards the port and walked across Churchillparc and finally ended at the shops across the dock where our ship was moored. I bought a skirt and shirt with 30% reduction. Both Inwear. 
Once on board, we had a piña colada and got ready for dinner. The show this evening was Ikè, inspired by the Norse gods. There were some stunning balancing acts. 
Dinner was great again: salad, risotto with shrimp and mushrooms, grilled sea bream with pepper stuffed with rice and papaya ice cream. 
We're now having a glass of white wine. Tomorrow our last sea day. Hoping to be able to do more sunbathing on deck!

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