22 May 2013

Travel: Cruise Northern Europe part 2

Friday, 10 May
We arrive in Hamburg at 10.30 am and the weather is gorgeous. It a huge party there to celebrate the anniversary of the port, with food and drink stalls everywhere, many boats, fairground attractions,...
We disembark swiftly and start our stroll around town, passing st Pauli, going into the Elbe tunnel, heading towards city hall, Alster lake, doing some shopping (I buy some clothes at H&M), having wine and apple strudel, and then towards speicherstadt and surroundings. 
Despite some clouds, the weather is quite sunny. We head back towards the harbour where I have some poffertjes and buy 2 lovely owl scarfs. 
We embark again at 6.45 pm after our explorations and are just in time for our compulsory safety drill, including a lot of hilarity.
We have our dinner at the buffet restaurant while we float through the harbour, our ship 'singing' happy birthday to the city. The view is amazing and the whole exit just magical with all the people cheering towards us and the whole city alight. 
We have a final cocktail in the bar before going to bed. It'll be a stormy night, apparently the ship has rocked like crazy but I slept like a baby. ;-)

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T-shirt & short sleeved cardigan (H&M)

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owl scarfs (market)