31 May 2013

Travel: Cruise Northern Europe part 11 - conclusion

Sunday & Monday, 19 & 20 May
Our last day at sea starts off very hot. There's not so much a whisper of wind. We have to attend an info session about the disembarking procedure and afterwards we quickly go and find a quiet sunny spot to do some reading (I finally start the Curious Incident … I love it!) Around 2 pm the weather starts to change…there's a fog coming up quite rapidly and all of a sudden a strong wind appears out of nowhere. one by one, people leave the deck and so do we to have a bite to eat. When we're done eating, you can hardly see anything anymore because of the fog (think some pirates' movie when something wicked is about to happen…that was the feeling you got when you saw all that mist!)
So we recline in our cabin and start preparing our suitcases. These have to be ready before we go to bed cause they pick them up to collect them during the night.
In the evening, it's our last gala evening with a spectacular show. We go and collect our drinks (vodka! cognac!) at the duty free shop (you can't have alcohol in your cabin, except wine you have bought in the restaurant) and go to bed.
It's noticeably colder in the cabin. Yep, we're approaching Amsterdam! We arrive right on time (9am) and disembarkation goes very swiftly. The bus that has to take us to Antwerp is (again) late. But the drive doesn't take that long because it's rather quiet on the road due to it being a bank holiday. We arrive in Antwerp, take our cab home and arrive at 3pm. 
And so a wonderful, sunny, beautiful trip has come to an end….