24 May 2013

Travel: Cruise Northern Europe part 4

Sunday, 12 May
It's a very sunny morning as we cross the Danish and Swedish coast. After breakfast, we take a stroll around the deck and then go to l'Ametista bar for a quiet read...followed by some cocktails. I have an appointment at 1 pm for a 45 min. Balinese massage....and it's just so relaxing. I'll definitely go and find one at home. She massages every part of my body up until each finger and each toe. She also advises some skincare products which I buy with 20% reduction.
Feeling rejuvenated, we have our lunch at the buffet restaurant and then read some more...to be honest, 2 sea days in a row is a bit much but we make the most of it by catching up on lots of reading matter. 
We have some cava and then in the evening, there's a concert with music by Verdi and Puccini, followed by dinner. I'm having the melon and prosciutto, salad with citrus fruit, risotto with mozzarella and a banana/coconut tart. 
Ending the day with some more wine in our cabin, we are ready for our arrival in Stockholm early next morning.