29 May 2013

Travel: Cruise Northern Europe part 9

Friday, 17 May
Today, we had another sea day. We woke up at 10am after a good night's sleep and went up to have our breakfast....obviously many others had the same idea. No wonder, st Petersburg was exhausting. 
Then we went to some shops and did some reading in l'Ametista bar. Had lunch (pasta) and then went to level 14 for some sunbathing. Weather was gorgeous. Many sat there in there in their swimsuits. 
I had an appointment at 5.30pm for a facial, so we went to the aurora spa for a sauna and whirlpool session first....I can't get enough of sitting there on the whirlpool watching the world go by. 
Then it was time for my facial treatment...divine...I felt so relaxed afterwards and my face super soft and radiant. 
I was of course a tad late for the evening show but did catch the main act. Fantastic acrobatic act!
Then dinner. As it was Italian day, we had a special menu: calamari, Italian salad with mozzarella, pasta with clams, mixed fish grill and then the waiters paraded a huge tiramisu around (divine!). 
Afterwards, we had some limoncello as well. 
We took some white wine into our cabin, which we are enjoying now. 
Tomorrow Copenhagen.