8 Oct 2011

Beauty: I heart Catrice

Most of the eye shadow & nail polish I've been buying is by Catrice. It's a relatively cheap brand with a lot of colours and good quality products.
This week I've bought two new eye shadows from the new autumn collection.
So far I've got (from top to bottom): 
- I think I've green you before : a soft green colour with a bit of a sparkle to it. 
- Gilbert Grapefruit : it looks rather pink but once applied it's a beautiful glittery shade.
- Luke Skystalker: silver, glitter. have yet to try it.
- Ice Wide Open: an ice-cold blue-ish colour, also still have to try it.

The eyeshadow come in easy stackable boxes.

Next to that, I also bought a very handy eyeliner brush with two sides: one for a very fine line and one for something a bit broader.

more info: www.catrice.eu