30 Oct 2011

Health: Tempur

This is a less bling bling kind of post but I just wanted to share it with you anyway.
As some of you know, I've been battling back problems for a while now and because of that, going to bed (one of my favourite moments of the day) had turned into a horror fest. I often woke up at night because of intense pain, couldn't fall asleep easily and when I woke up and got up, I felt like a little old laydee.
So, I decided to go and look for a new mattress. After trying out some that are specifically good for back problems, I decided to go for the Tempur combi-mattress. For me the best (and also the most expensive one, sadly)

I've now been sleeping on it for almost a week and I can't stress enough what an enormous difference it is. Gone are the back pains in the morning or shots of pain during the night...and falling asleep has never been so smooth. It's a big investment and I'm sure that this mattress isn't the right one for everyone, but it actually did change my life in these last few days.
So, basically, this post is mainly a reminder to take care of your body and if an investment is needed, and you can afford it, it can make an enormous difference.