14 Oct 2011

Beauty : my nail polishes

Today I'll show you what nail polish I have in stock. I always tend to get carried away when new colours become available, must learn to restrain myself. :-)

basket full of nice colours in bathroom

the reds: grenadine shade (Agnes B), red wetlook (Hema), vintage red colour (Catrice)
Red nailpolish is still my favourite, it's classy, timeless and goes with most outfits

the greens & blues: by Catrice and Gosh

the orange, yellows & coral colours: by Catrice, Golden Rose, Etos. The golden rose one is a beautiful shade. one of my favourite last summer

top coat and purple (by Catrice)

the silvery, shimmery, darker shades: by Catrice, Barry M and Hema

all kinds of pink, from nude to flashing fluo! (Catrice, Hema, one I bought in Thailand, Bloom)

I usually go for the lighter colours in summer and the darker ones in winter while red is an all-season favourite. Some I use more on toe nails (like the orange Etos shade), something I also do when the quality of the nail polish itself isn't that good. For some reason it always stays good on toenails. :-)