17 Oct 2011

Cooking: my favourite dish

This is absolutely my favourite dish, and easy to make. The recipe is as follows (for 1 person)

- 6 giant prawns
- 1 tomato
- bit of courgette
- handful of mushrooms
- wholewheat pasta
- sesame oil
- dried chilli pepper
- mixed pepper/salt/mustard/lemon

You boil the pasta while you start preparing the vegetables.

you drain the pasta, take a wok and put some sesame oil into it. heat it up, when it's hot enough, add the giant prawns. When the prawns are almost cooked, add the courgette and mushrooms...and just before you add the tomatoes, add the dried chilli (I use 1 dried chilli per person).

Stir well. Once it's all well cooked, add the pasta, and the mixed pepper, stir it till everything is mixed together.