16 Oct 2011

Beauty - product review: Aussie shampoo

When I was in London in August, I - as usual - raided Boots & Superdrug, and bought this new brand Aussie. There was a special offer and obviously, I had to try it.
Aussie shampoos and conditioners all smell divine, they have natural ingredients like berries, etc. and also target problems like frizzy hair,...

I've started to use the Frizz Miracle Shampoo with Blue Gum leaves. It promises to tackle frizz and I have to admit that my hair looked very glossy and shiny after I've used it. The texture is very thick and luxurious and the scent is amazing. So a big thumbs up for this one.

I've yet to try the two other products I bought: shampoo for luscious long hair and the conditioner for coloured hair. 

However, the product range also includes various creams and sprays next to the shampoos and conditioners. There is really something for everyone. 

more info: www.aussiehair.com