11 Oct 2011

A glimpse into my handbag

I've seen it on other blogs I follow and think it's fun to share the essentials from my handbag. 

frilly polka dot umbrella (New Look) - Nokia E72 (I use the back as a mirror) - purse (Desigual) - beauty bag

sunglasses (Polar) - deo Lilac Sky (Boots) - flowered coin purse - hankies - tic tac strong mint - lip balm shade pink (Kruidvat) - fountain pen (hema) - chewing gum (stimorol original & Hollywood chlorophyl)

contents of beauty bag: comb bought in Syote (Finland) - kohl pencil (Astor) - lipstick Rose épice (Agnes B.) - tooth floss (kruidvat) - perfume travel bottle filled with Flowerbomb extreme - Papier Poudré (Body Shop) - small mirror Love is...