10 Oct 2011

Beauty - product review : Roc Rides Correxion

I bought this serum a while ago with rather high expectations. Roc to me means quality. However, it pains me to say that I'm really not pleased with this product at all.

The serum is made for a 30 something skin (check) and to be applied under day cream. However, the texture is that unpleasant that it's impossible to wear it during the day because your face gets a yellow hue. Even after applying foundation, the yellowness still shows and the lines in your face, even lines you don't see otherwise, are even more apparent.
So, now I'm using it under my night cream but I can't say that it's comfortable and soothing.

My mother has the serum in the same line of products but for the more mature skin and she has the same problem with it. The yellow thick structure of the serum is why this product fails completely. Shame.